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​I am a Texas Licensed Esthetician and Certified Novalash Eyelash Extensionist since June of 2009. I am also trained in Advanced Volume Lash Extensions and Brow Building Extensions through Lux Lash & Brow.
Before finding my purpose and passion in the world of Eyelash Extensions, My husband and I owned and operated several automotive repair shops in Dallas, Houston and Austin. We experienced success and I am proud and grateful for our accomplishments, however, towards the end of a 20+ year run, we both were in need of something different. After some serious soul searching, I had made my decision on my next career...I want to be an Esthetician! After all, while working with mechanics day after day I always enjoyed the occasional times I took to get my "Girl On". I never left a salon or spa saying "Gee, I shouldn't have enjoyed myself like that!
I was introduced to lash extensions during esthetician school in 2008. It was still relatively new to Texas and I often had to explain what lash extensions were.  Fast forward to 2015 and most women either know someone with extensions, tried extensions themselves or know of extensions and researched them online. The business side of me finds the momentum of the lash extension industry exciting! More importantly, the personal/spiritual side of me has found fulfillment, joy, sense of purpose and so much more!
I have enjoyed working with my friend and mentor Amy at 
Simply Beautiful Lashes   in McKinney, TX for 2 years and absolutely love the connections I have made with the fabulous women of McKinney.  It is time to spread my wings once again closer to home. I look forward to meeting my Rockwall neighbors and sharing my expertise. Come on in and let's have some fun!